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Berkley Community School

Berkley Community School

Berkley Middle School

Berkley Middle School

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Surround Care

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Special Education




Michelle Graca

Ms. Graca works as a grade 6 English Language Arts teacher at BMS. Ms. Graca road her bike from Berkley, MA to Niagara Falls, New York. A good adventure starts with a plan and effort. Ms. Graca wants you to take the first step and dream big.

- Michelle Graca, BMS Grade 6 ELA Teacher

Mikayla Siedentopf

Ms. Siedentopf works as a kindergarten teacher at BCS. She sang in an all-female acapella group in college and loved art class as a student. She enjoyed expressing herself creatively and bringing home new art each week. Ms. Siedentopf likes to read anything by Julia Cook.

- Mikayla Siedentopf, BCS Kindergarten Teacher

Amy Lee-Vieira

Ms. Lee-Vieira works as the district's behavior specialist. Ms. Lee-Vieira's favorite book is The Giving Treey by Shel Silverstein. Ms. Lee-Vieira loves writing because she is good at it and can make it her own. Ms. Lee-Vieira's favorite quote is "If you want to lift yourself up, lift someone else."

- Amy Lee-Vieira, BPS Behavior Specialist (BCBA)