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Berkley Community School

Berkley Community School

Berkley Middle School

Berkley Middle School

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Surround Care

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Special Education




Superintendent speaking into a microphone

Welcome to Berkley Public Schools! I am so honored to be the Superintendent of Schools for our amazing community. I wanted to be a teacher from the time I was very young and made my brothers and sister play "school" with me. Enjoy the summer and make sure to read a good book.

- Melissa Ryan, Superintendent of Schools

Sue Cordery

Sue works at Berkley Community School as a special education teacher. Her favorite subject in school was English Language Arts because she loves to read and write. Students would be surprised to know that Sue rides her bike everyday. Sue recommends that you read Educated by Tara Westover.

- Sue Cordery, BCS Special Education Teacher

Cristine Lebeaux

Cristine works at Berkley Middle School as an administrative assistant in the front office. Cristine's favorite subject in school was English because she enjoyed writing papers and reading new books. Cristine recommends the children's book book Dragons Love Tacos.

- Cristine Lebeaux, BMS Administrative Assistant