Berkley Public Schools Enrollment

Berkley Community School
Grades PK-4
Principal: Jennifer Francisco
Early Childhood Coordinator: Sarah Cogar
59 South Main Street
Berkley, MA 02779

Berkley Middle School
Grades 5-8
Principal: Kimberly Hebert
21 North Main Street
Berkley, MA 02779

Berkley Public Schools
Central Office
Human Resource Manager: Melissa Coelho
21 North Main Street
Berkley, MA 02779

Welcome to Berkley Public Schools! Enrolling in a new school is an exciting time for students but can also come with many questions for parents and caregivers. This page is designed to provide detailed information on the registration process, however, if you need assistance please contact the office at the school your student will be enrolling at.

To enroll at Berkley Public Schools parents/caregivers must complete the registration form. The registration form can be completed online by clicking the button below or you can complete a paper registration and drop it off at the school at which you are enrolling your student.

Directions to Enroll Online using SchoolBrains
Before completing the registration form online parents/caregivers must set up a School Brains account by creating a username and password. If you already have a SchoolBrains account (including from another school district) you can enter your username and password to log in. If you have never accessed SchoolBrains click the blue text that says, "I'm new and I need to create a new account." After you have filled out the requested information you will need to log into SchoolBrains using your newly created username and password.

School Choice
Berkley Public Schools accepts students through the Massachusetts School Choice Program, whereas students of non-Berkley residents who are interested in enrolling in Berkley Public Schools may do so in grades K-8 based on availability. To be considered for the School Choice Program a School Choice application must be completed and returned to the Principal of the school of choice. After a student receives a letter from the Superintendent accepting them as School Choice student the registration process noted above needs to be completed.

Preschool Enrollment
It is the practice of Berkley Community School to require a free, developmental screening for new, incoming preschool students.  This screening takes place bi-annually during the first week of October and the last week in April.  To schedule an appointment for a screening, please contact the BCS main office. Once the screening process is completed, the registration process will be available to the families who participated in the screening for the following school year.  

Please be aware that registration for preschool is dependent on the space available in the program. In some instances, a lottery will be held to select students to fill the available seats in the program.  Late registrants (after June 1) may be placed on a waiting list in the order in which registration is received.  Residency is required for preschool.  School choice applications will not be accepted. 

Proof of Residency
Student residency requirements are outlined in School Committee Policy 6131. All students enrolling at Berkley Public Schools must submit at least one document from each column below. Proof of Residency documents can be uploaded to SchoolBrains when completing the registration form or can be sent to the Melissa Coelho, Human Resource Manager, at

Column A

Column B

Column C

Copy of deed and record of most recent mortgage payment

A utility bill or der dated within 30 days from one of the following:
gas company
oil company
electric company
telephone company
cable bill
water bill

Valid MA driver's license

Copy of lease agreement & most recent rent payment

Current vehicle registration

Legal affidavit from landlord affirming tenancy & record of most recent rent payment

W-2 from

Section 8 agreement

Excise tax bill

Property bill
Payroll stub
Bank/Credit Card

Intent to Pursue a Homeschool Education
In accordance with Massachusetts General Law, Berkley Public Schools maintains a homeschool policy that details when a parent or guardian of a student below the age of 16 wants to establish a home-based educational program. The parent or guardian pursuing a homeschool education for their student must certify in writing their intent. Berkley Public Schools provides an optional form for this purpose. The intent to pursue a homeschool education must be submitted annually to the Superintendent's office and include the following:

  • Name of the student

  • Age of the student

  • Place of residency

  • Proposed curriculum and resources

  • Number of hours of instruction in each subject

  • Competency of the person(s) to teach the student

  • Manner in which educational progress will be measured

A summary of growth and progress must be submitted to the Superintendent's office at the end of each school year.

Proof of residency must be provided the first time an intent to pursue a homeschool education is submitted. See above for proof of residency requirements.