BCS School Repair Project

Berkley Community School has been accepted into the eligibility period for the Massachusetts Building Authority School Building Repair Project with a reimbursement rate of 55.63%. 

Enrollment Projections for BCS prepared by the MSBA - As part of the feasibility study BPS had to provide enrollment and town demographic data so the MSBA could create enrollment projects to determine if BCS is the right size for our needs. The enrollment projects show that BCS is appropriate in size and space to educate our students. (posted 01/21/2022)

WATCH a picture video of the repairs needed to the Berkley Community School. 

CLICK HERE to watch a video tour with the Board of Selectman highlighting the requested repairs to the Berkley Community School.  

The eligibility period includes a schedule of deliverables by the district and the town. CLICK HERE for the schedule of deliverables.

To schedule a tour of the Berkley Community School to see the repairs needed for yourself please email bps@berkleypublicschools.org.

The School Building Committee Includes the following members:

Ms. Tara Weber, School Committee and School Building Chair

Ms. Heather Martin-Sterling, Town Administrator

Mr. Don Emond, Community Member and Electricity

 Ms. Sarah Cogar, Assistant Principal BCS

Ms. Jennifer Francisco, Principal BCS

Mr. Joseph Freitas, Finance Committee Member

Mr. Dean Larabee, Select Board Member

Mr. Timothy McCarthy, Director of Maintenance and Facilities

Mr. Michael McDonough, Parent and General Contractor

Ms. Barbara Miller, Community Member at Large

Mr. George Miller, Select Board Member

Ms. Andrea Porter, Business Director

Ms. Melissa Ryan, Superintendent of Schools 

Ms. Kate Simons, Parent and Engineer