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Preschool Program Information

Welcome to Preschool!


The Berkley Community School Preschool Program is comprised of a set of developmentally appropriate, language-based classrooms, which serve children with both special and regular educational needs in the classroom setting. This program, nicknamed "The Little Eagles Program," is designed to meet the educational, physical, social, and behavioral needs of all students while placing emphasis on what children can do and enjoy in order to increase their confidence in the school setting.

Using an experiential and multi-sensory approach to learning, our program promotes the acquisition of knowledge and skills in the areas of language, literacy, social development, motor development, self-care, health, and the arts as well as fostering early mathematics, science and social studies concepts. Individual learning styles and rates of learning are accommodated and respected. Exploration and curiosity are fostered and encouraged. Through small group and large group play experiences designed to cultivate skill development, all children display a potential to learn and grow. The typical class size in our program is 13 to 15 students with a teacher and an aide. We also employ an adaptive physical education teacher, a speech and language pathologist, and occupational therapist to provide additional support to student learning. The preschool curriculum, Three Cheers for Pre-K is responsive to and linked with the Massachusetts State Frameworks.

We are hosting a fully in-person learning model at the Preschool level.  Preschool is utilizing a communication app called Seesaw Family that offers family members the opportunity to send and receive messages about your child's learning, see photos from your child's day, and when assigned, work with your child on age appropriate remote learning activities assigned by the classroom teacher.   

Program Offerings:

3-year-old Program: Tuesday, Thursday (morning or afternoon)

4-year-old Program: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (morning or afternoon)

3-4 Mixed Age Program:  Monday through Friday (morning or afternoon)

Morning session: 8:55AM - 11:25AM   

Afternoon session: 12:35PM - 3:05PM 

Tuition Costs:

Inclusion Preschool:   3-year-old program:         $800.00  

                                4-year-old program:       $1100.00

                                3-4 mixed age program: $1500.00


Thank you for your interest in our program. If you have any questions regarding enrollment registration process or general information, please access the Preschool Handbook link or contact Sarah Cogar at (508)-822-9550 or Thank you!