• I can't wait to get to know all my new students and families!

    Thank you for taking the time to complete my surveys.

    Check out my answers too and don't be afraid to reach out for any reason!!

  • In addition to the 4th grade Supply List, Mrs. Dietz's students are asked to also provide a 1 inch binder with clear view front (no zipper binders or binders larger than 1 inch please)

  • All About Mrs. Dietz

    Name: Mrs. Laura Dietz

    Nickname: Never had one!

    Favorite Subject in School: Reading (now -- all of them!)

    Hobbies and Interests Outside of School: Reading, Decorating, LEGOs

    What do you want to be when you grow up: Always wanted to be a teacher!

    If someone gave you $1,000,000, what would you do with it: Pay off my house and go on a huge family vacation. 

    Favorite animal: Dogs

    Favorite color: Purple but I love lots of colors like pink, coral, and mint too!

    Favorite food: POTATOES - ALL KINDS OF POTATOES (mashed with gravy is 1st choice though)

    ANything else to get to know me better:

    * My son will be a second grader at BCS this year

    * My husband (Mr. Dietz) is the BMS music teacher

    * I lived in Rhode Island my whole until until just 3 years ago

    * I hate the smell of Dorritos, Fungyuns and Bananas (don't worry - you can still bring them for snack, it's not that bad!)

    * Every month I check the cafeteria menu for turkey dinner day :)

    * I drink iced coffee every day, even in the winter (I make it at home though, I don't always care for Dunkin)