• I am very excited to say at this point we will have our Band and Chorus programs back!!!

    I really am looking forward to restarting the programs and I am still unsure at this point what concerts will look like or when they will occur until we get back to where we were. Some students are new to instruments/chorus and others may have regressed so this will be a building year for sure but I am ready to get us where we need to be!!! I look forward to having a sense of "normalcy" for these programs and having fun with the students making music!!!

    The Band/Chorus handbook will be available on the Google Classrooms only! No more printing and sending home as it will be available on the classrooms and website here. The parent "signature" will be a google form sent out for parents to complete in a digital format.

    If anyone is interested in a "special" mask for playing/singing that will make it easier this link has recommended masks for band and chorus classes. It is not necessary to purchase them but wanted to offer for those that were interested.


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