•  Week of October 21st  

    HOMEWORK: Please be aware that the homework sometimes changes!!! Students are expected to write homework in their planner at the end of the block. 

    PROJECT DUE DATES: Inside Flaps of Animal Project are due on October 25th (Use checklist for directions)

    WEEKEND HOMEWORK: cursive sheet
    study Chapter 2 Lesson 1 Social Studies (quiz Monday)


    Monday: Review study guide and lessons in Chapter 1 & Weekly Skill sheet 1 (due Thursday)

    Tuesday:  GM 59-60 (Show What You Know for Chapter 2) & Weekly Skill sheet 1 (due Thursday)

    Wednesday: Weekly Skill sheet 1 (due tomorrow) & Finish Reteach sheet. 

    Thursday:  Quiz on Weekly Review tomorrow & Divisibility Rules sheet  (student-made) Choose ONE to complete

    Friday: NONE


    Monday: using vocabulary cards, draw an organism in each box of the hierarchy chart (do research to figured out if an organism is accurate), Final Draft due Wednesday, Quiz on Food Chain on Thursday, & Inside Flaps are due October 25th

    Tuesday: Inside Flaps are due Friday, final draft due tomorrow,  & frayer model for food chain. Inside Flaps are due Friday & Quiz tomorrow on Food Chains on Thursday

    Wednesday: Inside Flaps are due Friday & Quiz tomorrow on Food Chains, & bring Lapbook project.

    Thursday: Inside Flaps are due tomorrow

    Friday: Summary draft is due for proof reading *May be typed* Due Friday (Nov 1st)

    Social Studies

    Monday:  none

    Tuesday: questions # 1,2 (pgs. 44,45)

    Wednesday: compare/contrast essay due Friday

    Thursday: compare/contrast essay due Friday

    Friday- question #4 (pg. 47)

    ELA - (First Read- Read assigned pages, tag for info.(see pg. 128) and highlight vocabulary)

    Monday:   First Read pgs. 128-137, 1 activity from the spelling menu 

    Tuesday: 1 activity from the spelling menu , pg. 144 (suffixes)

    Wednesday: 1 activity from the spelling menu, personal narrative due Friday

    Thursday: study spelling, personal narrative due Friday

    Friday: study purple wordcards and basewords for quiz Monday