Berkley Community School

Inspiring Our Students to Learn, Create, and Achieve


    Dear BCS Families,

    I am proud to be the principal of Berkley Community School; a school with nearly 500 of the
    finest children in the world, an outstanding staff and faculty, and extremely supportive families.
    Our school staff is proud of the educational experiences provided for our Preschool through
    Grade Four students. We continually seek to improve our practice to meet student needs in the
    most effective manner. At Berkley Community School we seek to build a partnership between
    home and school which enables children to have the richest educational experience possible. 

    To that end, we hope that this web site will enable families and members of our community to
    remain aware of all that is going on at Berkley Community School.

    Please feel free to contact me at any time. I am happy to assist you in any way I can to ensure
    that your family has a great experience at Berkley Community School. I can be reached by
    phone at (508) 822-9550 and by email at

    Jennifer L. Francisco
    Principal, Berkley Community School

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