Brain Project

  • Use some of these websites below to learn more about the brain. Take notes in your Reading/Writing notebook. Do not tear your notes out so you don't lose them. I numbered the websites to help you keep track. When you go to a website. Write down the site number I gave it with your notes.

    Our original idea was to learn about the parts of the brain and what they control in the body but you can be creative and go in your own direction if you'd like to focus on only one part of the brain or a special feature that fascinates you, go for it!. 

    While working, think about a good way to show off what you learned. Here are some ideas, but feel free to be creative ...

    *Make a Picture Book          *Create a Fact Sheet                           

    *Design a Poster                 *Make a Powerpoint             

    *Prezi? (something new to learn!)         

    *Make an ActiveInspire Presentation

    *Write an Essay                  *Make a Pamphlet (booklet)

    *Create a fun activitiy for the class to do while learning about the brain

     Remember ... sometimes computer time can be tight, it might be hard to get everyone computer time to work when needed. You might need to be flexible in your project. 

    I wonder if we'll have enough projoects completed to have a "BRAIN DAY" in June??