• Surfing Safely on the Internet 

    To ensure a safer experience while online, the following guidelines should be carefully considered and followed as closely as possible:

    • I will never give out private information while online. I will never give out my last name, phone number, address, parents’ work address/telephone number, or the name and location of my school — even if I know the person with whom I am communicating.
    • I will never talk to people I do not know online. People that you do not know are strangers and all the safety rules I already know apply when using the internet as well.
    • I will never agree to get together with someone I "meet" online. Dangerous people may try to trick me into meeting up with them.
    • I will never send a person my - or anyone else’s picture, or post it online. Also, I will not ever take pictures of someone without that person's, teacher's or guardian's permission.
    • I will not give out my Internet passwords to anyone (even my best friend) other than my parents. I will never use someone else’s password to go in their account. I understand that there will be consequences for this if I do.
    • I will not bully or use rude and or mean language on the Internet. If I receive a rude or inappropriate message from someone, I will tell my parents right away.
    • I will not download anything or install programs to the family/school computer or download apps to their iPad. I understand that doing this could possibly damage the computer or risk my family or school’s privacy.
    • I will only use approved websites, programs, and apps that my teacher/parent has allowed me to use and I will not use any websites or apps that have not been approved.