In this class


  • I am a neat and organized person by nature and I work very hard to help the students organize themselves. Each student has a planner and homework folder. All materials except for Keep at Home items in the homework folder should be used as needed but remain in the folder for use at both home and school.

    Students MUST check their planners nightly and are expected to empty the "keep at home" side of their folders for parent viewing. All items in the student planners and "return to school" side of the folder should be completed and returned to school the very next day.

    In class, the students are introduced to various organization techniques and choices for both their materials and work. We will also learn many strategies for time management. It is my hope that with this instruction and modeling, students can learn life long organization skills and techniques.


  • Every month (or so), you will receive a project assignment. This is a project that the entire 4th grade will complete although due dates and timing may vary from class to class. Typically the projects are book reports asking you to read a certain genre and complete some sort of activity or create a project.  While projects are typically book reports, other subjects including the state float project in Social Studies may be used for the monthly project. 

    Students in Mrs. Dietz's class may request planning calendars to help organize their steps of the project. Mrs. Dietz will provide a calendar relevant to the days/month of the project. Students will fill in their personal events on the calendar and work with Mrs. Dietz to plan out steps of the project. The ultimate goal will be for students to plan their entire project independently later in the year. The calendar will then be used by students each day to complete the steps of the project in a timely manner.


  • I believe in positive reinforcement for both individuals and whole groups. Students may earn tickets for a weekly raffle to choose class coupons or trinkets. Our class can also earn super tokens for excellent teamwork, behavior, and complinments. Once we earn 10 tokens we put up a letter toward spelling SUPER CLASS, after that, we earn a special reward (party, special day, extra recess etc.)


  • Homework is assigned nightly (including Fridays!). Homework should take a total of 40-60 minutes of WORKING TIME not including monthly projects, studying for tests/quizzes, and correct sign/returns. Homework is assigned to help students practice and reinforce skills taught in class that day and to keep learned skills fresh.

    Most homework is always due the following day unless otherwise noted in student planners. Class time is designated daily to record and review homework for each night. Homework is expected to be completed in order to develop good habits. Unexcused missing/incomplete homework results in the student needing to work out how to complete it. For unexpected circumstances, students may use one free pass per month at Mrs. Dietz's discretion and up to three opportunities per month to complete the homework with one extra night. Students not completing homework beyond these four opportunities will result in the students either owing recess or lunch on the day it is due to complete the assignment. Sign and return missing homework slips are required for all missing assignments (except for earned HW passes) to keep parents informed of HW habits. 

    Students completing all HW as scheduled for the month will receive a reward from Mrs. Dietz :) 

    Students are encouraged to plan a nightly homework time and spaces. A set homework routine helps students to maximize students' potential for best work.

    All homework is always assigned by Mrs. Dietz and is typically Math practice and Reading but can also include Science or Social Studies and Writing at varying times.

    Students are responsible for checking their planners each day before leaving school to make sure they have the necessary HW and materials.

    If homework typically takes longer than 40-60 minutes, PLEASE contact me ASAP in order to discuss and create a plan to help you and your child.