• Welcome Students and Families and Guardians

    Greetings to All! 

    We will have a long term assignment in Term 2. It will be imoportant to use academic support, library, and nightly homework time to meet your deadlines. It will be important to get homework done early when you are most awake as you will be practicing comprehension skills that require all your brain power!

    Term 2 stories introduce us to the theme: "Family" and "Homelessness." We will explore: who makes up a family? can close friends become part of your family? how do families help and encourage us to be our best selves? Each student will be assigned a novel at their reading level to practice sustained reading, comprehension skills, and writing skills. There is a daily reading followed by a daily written response. Students will discuss their responses with a literature circle of students who are reading the same book. It will be important to bring the book and the journal to class each day to take advantage of all available work time.

    Helpful tips for the year:

    • remember to check agenda nightly and pack your backpack the night before school. This helps you to stay organized and lessens the chance of forgetting something
    • bring a silent reading book each day to class!                                                                                                          

    Happy Fall!

    Mrs. Graca

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