• Click the links below to check out what fifth graders will be learning
    about this year. All standards and topics are taught according to
    Massachusetts Curriculum Guidelines listed on the Department of Elementary
    and Secondary Education website.



    Special Science Topics through NEXT GENERATION SCIENCE STANDARDS:
    Life Science (plants, animals)
    Earth and Space (solar system, water cycle)
    Physical Science (states of matter, gravity)
    Engineering (Improving technologies)


    Go Math (place value with decimals, add, subtract, multiply, and divide
    fractions and decimals, measurement, geometric polygons and polyhedrons,
    volume are the main topics)


    Pearson- My World World Social Studies Build Our Country
    First Americans, Exploration, Settlements in America, Colonial Life,
    American Revolution, US Government, Growing the Nation, Westward Movement,
    Civil War and Reconstruction, Industrial Revolution


    Pearson- My View Literacy 2020 Series
    Exposure to different Genres, Vocabulary Development, Comprehension
    skills,Fluency Development-Progress Monitoring, Spiral Review of Skills,
    Reading and Writing Connections, handwriting and Spelling Development