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Apps for Learning

  • These are easily and readily available - generally at no cost - from iTunes  for the iPad / iPhone / iTouch

    Following are some recommended apps to broaden your knowledge of the subjects we are learning in school, particularly with the TEL Lab.
    Many are free and if they do offer a paid version, usually not very expensive.
    • Fix the Factory with LEGO Mindstorms
    • Cicadia
    • NASA Viz
    • Cargo Bot
    • Hexic Flow
    • Star Chart
    • Commander
    • Bridge Construction
    • Astro App
    • Simple Physics
    • Space Time
    • Mogul
    • Crazy Machines
    • Best ISS 3D
    • Drum Kit
    • Amazing Alex
    • Astronauts
    • Magic Piano
    • Smash Hit
    • DIY Nano
    • Beatwave
    • Houzz Interior Design
    • Planets
    • CineBeat
    • Home Design
    • Science 360
    • Paper by Fifty Three
    • iScape
    • Microcosm
    • Repix
    Keep checking this page as the list will be changing frequently to give the latest list of really fun apps that help you learn about technology design, application and engineering simulations! 

    But don't go yet - this works great for learning too!

    A non-app but free for download to any student are two computer programs: 1. West Point Bridge Designer (and features an annual contest for students) 2. StarLogo TNG (available from the educatio nlink at site)