• I will be transferring all of my documents and materials over to the Google Classroom.

    As of right now there are no "General Music" google classrooms as class is self contained during the day completely.

    Anyone is free to join the classroom group. See list below for correct class.

    Please make sure to have a name attached to files being turned in as I can't decipher your username if it is something unique. (I won't/don't want to memorize them, too many students/parents)

    Go to classroom.google.com in order to sign up for the classroom. You must have an email linked to google or create a free gmail account.

    Google Classroom codes:

    Grade 8 Band vkr03u

    Grade 7 Band 8na3zpp

    Grade 6 Band xba9mjn

    Grade 5 Band j8ad3e5

    Grade 8 Chorus me31u00

    Grade 7 Chorus 3n581js

    Grade 6 Chorus dpw936

    Grade 5 Chorus 1wzwd7

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