• Berkley Community School

    Grade 3 Supply List




    Attention Parents/Guardians:

    Listed below is a suggested supply list for your child’s upcoming school year. Please contact the school if you are unable to obtain any of these items.


    2       -        12 Count Packages of Pencils

    1       -        Package of Blue Pens

    1       -        Package of Pencil Top Erasers

    1       -        24 Count Package of Crayons or Colored Pencils

    4       -        Glue Sticks

    5       -        Dry Erase Markers

    2       -        Large Book Covers (Fabric or Paper)

    1       -        Small Pencil Box

    1       -        Flash Drive (2GB or higher)


    Please Note:

    • Your child’s teacher may request additional supplies in their summer welcome letter.
    • Locker accessories must be kept to a minimum. Pictures and magnets are allowed in students’ lockers.