Instructor Information

Phone: 508 884-9434


Degrees and Certifications:

BFA Art Education with k-12 certification Classroom teacher certication 1-6 MEd Literacy with k-12 Reading Specialist certification Instructional Technology certification k-12 Library certification k-12 CAGS Leadership with k-12 Administration certification

Instructor Information

Mrs. Paull  teaches 2 programs

Computer Science as well as

Technology & Engineering

Please allow response to contacts via email within 24 hours.

An Experienced Teacher

Mrs. Paull is dedicated to making learning enjoyable as well as 
meaningful for her students. She has taught in Berkley since
1986 in various curriculum positions. Currently she teaches
within two computer application Labs at the Middle School for
grades 5 through 8 since the Middle School building opened in
the winter of 2002. Originally, she was hired as an Art Teacher and taught Visual Art
for 13 years to the kindergarten through grade 8 levels. Mrs.
Paull also taught Reading to grades 7 and 8 but also Health to
grade 5. She has been in the position of Computer Teacher since
2000 (teaching grades 1 through 8 prior to the opening of the new
Middle School building in 2002). In 2009, she oversaw various management aspects of the Library and
its transition to the Destiny and Accelerated Reader(2011)
automation systems in addition to her teaching duties. She
continues to work cooperatively with the Library's Instructional
Aides in the prep of new acquisitions to the school's collection.

Enhance That "Aha!" Moment of Discovery.

Providing a connection to student's learning and prior knowledge to
create meaningful learning experiences are important to Mrs. Paull.
Connecting the skills and concepts to already or previously known
information is something that Mrs. Paull incorporates into her units,
lessons and activities. Tying the known to the unknown has proven to
be statistically more effective and valuable to a growing student's
mind and developing understanding of the world around them. Making
the experience as enjoyable as possible will motivate the student to
continue to stay open-minded and willing to learn more advanced
concepts and skills.