• Student Binders

    Student Binders are used to help students organize their school materials.  In the binders, one important management tool you'll find are student planners.  Student planners are a way for students to stay organized and on top of their assignments.  Students will be given time each day to fill in their planners.  Please encourage them to check their planners each night for daily homework, test/quiz dates, important dates, and long-term assignment due dates.  Also, in the binder you'll find all subject folders, a homework folder, a specialist schedule, and a partner worksheet.  Please keep all materials in their folder unless they are in the "home" section of the homework folder.  Please check your homework folder daily and empty often.

    Homework Policy

    Homework is a great way for your child to build upon and maintain the skills learned during the school day.

    A Valuable aide in helping students make the most of their experience in school.


    • Should take about 30 working minutes to complete (not including studying for tests or long-term projects usually have a lighter load of homework if theres a test)
    • If homework takes longer, please have them stop and you can write a note to me or email me


    I don’t want students upset over homework. If they work for 30 minutes, please stop them and email me or write a note to me.


    • Students are responsible for studying math facts, spelling words, and reading on a nightly basis.
    • Reading homework
    • Spelling and Reading Tests are on Day 6.
    • Math – Student practice worksheet M-TH.


    Homework is checked daily, and if an assignment is not complete, students will fill out a missing homework slip and then need to have that signed and bring the assignment in the next day.

    WEFs (Weekly Evaluation Forms) 

    Weekly Evaluation Forms (WEF’s) are given to assess student performance in the classroom and to maintain weekly communication with parents.  Parents/Guardians MUST sign the WEF and the student is responsible to return the WEF to school on the following Monday. Missing classroom assignments and homework will be attached to the WEF and should be completed over the weekend.  Also, grades below 70 will be attached to the WEF. They need to be CORRECTED, signed and returned.  

    Third Grade Curriculum


    Go Math! Series
    3rd Grade concepts and skills - addition, subtraction, represent and interpret data, multiplication, division, fractions, time, length, liquid volume, mass, perimeter, area, and two-dimensional shapes.


    Harcourt Storytown series - phonics, vocabulary, fluency, reading comprehension, open response writing, writer's workshop, and small reading groups, RtI (Response to Intervention)


    Empowering Writers Series

    Narrative, Expository/Informational and Opinion and Persuasive Writing

    Open Response Writing

    Text Based Essays

    ANSWER Key Method- continue learning and practicing how to include details to support answers


     Science Topics 

    FOSS Units: Magnets and Force, Weather and Climate, and Structures of Life

    Social Studies Topics 

    Massachusetts and New England, Pilgrims & Puritans,  Early leaders in MA, The American Revolution and American Documents (Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and the Constitution).  Some special projects are Colonial Day and "A MA Biography."