• Teaching
    Student Planners:
    Student planners are important organization/time management tools. Students are given time to copy homework and reminders from the board in
    their student planners during each class (Math & Science - end of block & ELA & S.S - at the beginning of the block). Please help your child develop the habit of reviewing and checking off completed assignments daily. We sign all student planners during the beginning of the year. 
    We have helped students organize their binders for each subject (Math/Science binder, S.S binder, and an ELA binder). Students have a binder for each subject in order to keep everything in one place. It is meant to help keep the children consistent and organized.
    Homework Policy:
    20-21 Hybrid homework policy: Homework will be given on Mondays for Cohort B and Thursdays for Cohort A. 
    Full in-school policy (ON HOLD): Homework is a very important component to a successful school experience. Homework is an important way that parents and teachers can work together to improve student learning and help students achieve their educational potential. Homework is assigned Monday through Friday. Weekends may also be utilized for studying and projects. It is expected that all students will turn their homework in on the due date. A student will not be penalized when absent. Should an extenuating circumstance occur, a note from home will be accepted. However, if an assignment is late our policy is as follows:
    1.The student will complete a pink slip. The student will take the slip home and complete the assignment. A parent/guardian will sign the slip and attach to the completed assignment.
    2.Student will bring the completed assignment and the attached signed pink slip to class the next day.
    3.If step 2 is not completed or the assignment is returned without the pink slip, a parent/guardian will be notified. This may be accomplished by writing a note in the student planner, sending an email, or making a phone call.
    Late work is graded as follows: 1 day late: minus 10 points, 2 days late: minus 20 points, 3 days late: zero points.
    If a child has more than 3 late assignments during the term they will be issued a before or after-school detention. In addition, their effort grade on their mid-term and/or report card will be affected. For further information and homework guidelines, please refer to BMS student handbook.
    Penmanship Policy:
    We strongly believe, as educators, that all students should be able to read and write in cursive. This is a valuable life skill that prepares students for real world experiences. Final drafts and spelling tests are to be completed in cursive. There may be some occasions (such as math assignments, taking notes or writing rough drafts) when printing will be accepted. This will be communicated to the students when the circumstance arises.
    Sign & Return Policy:
    In math and science students are given the opportunity to make corrections to assignments receiving a low grade (below 70). The assignment will be marked "fix, sign and return". Students can fix their mistakes, have it signed by a parent, and resubmit the assignment for a passing grade. In doing this, our intent is to keep parents informed.
    Study guides:
    Study guides are designed to help children develop good study habits and time management. At least a week's notice will be given before a test, and students will learn use a study guide to plan how they will review the content at home.
    Weekly Skill Sheets:
    In October, students will receive a Weekly Skill sheet on Mondays and will have until Thursday to complete this assignment. The Weekly Skill sheet reviews math concepts we have already studied. These assignments are graded and count towards the homework grade.