• What's going on in Miss St. Laurent's ELA class?


    • Students will be working with the suffix "-er". Students will have to identify if the base word follows one of the following rules: 
      • No change to base word; just add suffix -er.
      • Drop the final -e in base word then add suffix -er.
      • Change the -y to an i then add suffix -er.


    • Students will begin working in new cooperative learning groups as they complete "Literature Circles" on one of the three different novels in class, with audio support provided.
    • Students will work in their cooperative learning groups to answer comprehension questions based on their assigned weekly readings. 
    • Students will continue to utilize the ACE strategy to help them answer short answer questions and provide evidence from the text to support their answers. 
    • ACEA-Answer the question by restating the question in their written response; C-Cite the evidence to support your answer by giving a quote from the text and page number; E-Explain your answer and how the quote you chose relates to your answer in your own words.
    • Students will also meet with the teacher to complete the "Literature Circle" or book talk part of this unit. 


    • Students will complete journal prompts by responding to the text in writing and use the "Writer's Checklist" to edit and revise their own writing. Students are expected to give specific evidence or details from the text to support their ideas or connections they made to the text. 


    • N/A at this time.