Berkley Middle School

Inspiring Our Students to Learn, Create, and Achieve

  • The Berkley Middle School recognizes and is committed to our mission, to share with all students the values, knowledge and skills needed to reach their full potential; maximize achievement; and show respect in interacting with others in our diverse world.

    Berkley students will be shown that accountability earns respect and that respect leads to dignity. We will make available a learning environment in which each child is provided with many opportunities to become life-long learners; to effectively and collaboratively solve problems; and where they are encouraged to think independently and creatively. In order to successfully meet goals, we provide a biased free curriculum that allows students to develop intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally and with an awareness and appreciation for cultural differences.

    The staff and students of Berkley Middle School strive to incorporate, on a daily basis, our core values of Respect-Responsibility-Optimism & Kindness in all we do and all we hope to achieve.